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they'll be banana hammocks everywhere!

scrub fans
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Basically this is just a livejournal community about the hilarious NBC sitcom "Scrubs"

I was inspired to create this community by this one imnosuperman I just wanted something basically like that one but a little more "Scrubsy"

I invite all scrub fans to join I just have a few rules that are very simple.

When joining please answer these questions:

FIRST: The keywords “Im No Superman” must be in your subject line showing you have read these rules when filling out these questions.

1. How did you find ot about this community?
2. Which member recruited you?
3. What is your favorite "Scrubs" character/episode? why?
4. Do you plan on posting in this community at least once a month?

Once your a member you are required to promote AT LEAST twice while your a member.

I will be able to tell by the questionare being filled out by the new member.

The whole reason im doing this is for the community to keep going strong. I mean hey, for every new member they have to recruit two other people, so I dont think that will become a problem.

You can join this community if:
you like ANY THING about "Scrubs"
anything about the individual characters ie. Zach Braff and his new movie.

Have fun!

this is my personal journal if you have any questions! savetoday

banners: these are a few that i've made. more to come! just copy the code in the box and it automatically links the pic to the community!